Friday, June 25, 2010

My Muse

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know. I have been AWOL for quite some time. Thankfully I have had some major changes in my work life but those changes have also been very time (and energy) consuming. I just returned from a long business trip where I spent three whirlwind days in San Francisco and four HOT days in Las Vegas. It feels good to be home and more importantly - back on the ice!

There has been quite a stir of activity around me since my friend Lexi wrote about my blog in Skating Magazine. It is kinda silly to see myself in full spiral mode in the official publication of USFSA. I had not thought a whole lot about my blogging until one of the young ladies I enjoy skating with spoke about it with me this afternoon. KH was getting ready to skate in a competition this evening and I told her that she would be my "muse" tonight as I wrote after a long absence from my blog. So here it goes...

When ever I think I have it bad in my life, I think of KH and her family. My muse has life-threatening allergies that literally could kill her if she and her family were not ever vigilant. Recently our rink did a wonderful Spring show of Alice in Wonderland on ice and KH was in the cast. Great lengths were taken to ensure that all participants knew that food could not be brought into the area in and around my friend. Unfortunately, some folks did not listen and the young lady had to be taken home in fear of her health and safety. She has been unable to do many of the things most kids take for granted - like eat anything she wants or even go to regular school. Despite all of this, she manages to smile, work hard and be such a wonderful friend to Muffet and everyone else at the rink. She makes me remember that I must be thankful for my health and the health of Muffet and my family. She inspires me to push just one more time to get that edge. She makes me smile when she says hello.

Thanks KH for being such a great kid! I will gladly NOT eat a peanut butter sandwich in your honor! PS - Hope you kicked ice at Paramount tonight! XOXO