Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

Remember the "Ouch!" post? Couple that with the "Type-A Disease" post and you will understand the title of this post. I have been working extra hard on my moves in the field and my loop jump technique for the past month or so. Being that I am a bit thick skulled, I usually don't "listen" too well to my body. In this case it is my right hip flexor saying, "Hello? Um, stupid? THIS HURTS SO KNOCK IT OFF!" Of course the hip flexor decides it has had enough in mid-air, leaving me to limp my way off of the ice. It was so bad on Tuesday night that I had to have my husband lift my right leg onto the couch so I could ice it. It hurt too bad to lift it myself.

After waiting for an hour and 15 minutes past my appointment time to see my doctor, today he told me to take 9 Advil a day, heat the hip before I skate, ice it after I skate and take it easy. I can do all of that except... you guessed it - take it easy. He asked if I was skating this weekend. I had to sheepishly admit that I was skating today, just hours after the appointment, and Friday for two hours. After shaking his head, he said for me to TAKE IT EASY and he would see me in 8 days.

I just yelled at Muffet to get ready to go to the rink, so I better get moving. I will keep you posted. As promised to the fine doctor, no loops today :(

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My body decided to remind me that I am 40 today. On my first hour of freestyle my feet slipped out from under me and down I went - flat on my back! I think the sound of my body hitting the ice echoed into the next zip code!

Then near the end of my lesson today in mid-loop my butt seized up. What in the heck? How does my left butt cheek factor into the whole loop thing? Now, I know that it obviously does fit into the whole loop thing - duh - but really? Mid loop? I managed to land it, thank goodness. Then I hobbled off the ice saying "ouch, ouch, ouch" every time I stepped on my left foot.

Lame! Just when I am on a roll in my Moves in the Field! I guess I will be sitting on an ice pack tonight...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Type A Disease

I have an affliction caused by obsessive Type A disease. I discovered this horrible problem last night as I listened to a fellow adult skater who was talking about all of her new "tricks" she can do. She has "one-upped" me in the jump department and I am pretty sure she has her sit spin too. My disease flared up something fierce! I need a cure, and fast!

Since last night I have looked back on my little one and her development as a skater. She started kinda slow, caught on about a year ago and is in a little lull again. I don't think that adults are too far from this dynamic either but maybe our lulls can be longer and more pronounced? I am on the ice about four hours a week with one hour of lessons if I am lucky. Now I don't know how much this other gal skates - more or less - doesn't matter. I need to step back and create my own cure.

I have to remember that I am my own person and that I can't compare my successes or failures to any other skater. I will learn and be able to progress as quickly as my body will allow me to do so. That is all I can hope for. Just like I don't like to compare my Muffet's progress to others, I should not do this to myself either.

Have I done it? Have I found a cure? Only time will tell!