Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It has been a LONG while

Last time I posted was right around Christmas last year. Wow - I guess I have been busy. I picked up another job to support the ice habit for Muffet and myself since I last wrote - so now I have three jobs besides being a wife and mother. I also "hung up" my freestyle skates and picked up solo ice dancing. Last season was tough, but I qualified for Solo Dance Nationals and got my butt handed to me by a bunch of teenagers and children. Oh well. I decided that my goal for the upcoming season (and probably into the next) will be to improve my overall skating skills, learn the Pre-Bronze dances (better yet, master them) and finally pass my adult silver moves in the field.

Right now I am back in what seems like Alpha or Snow Plow Sam class. Three turns - yep, that's right. I worked on outside left three turns on a straight line and then on a small curve for 30 minutes with my boss yesterday. That was after working on mohawks on the circle previously. I promptly caught my left blade inside my right one and fell hard. When a woman of a certain age falls on the ice, she HURTS for DAYS. Not minutes and then pops up to go again. No, she hurts for DAYS. I thought I would not fall as much switching to ice dance. BAHAHAHA - I can hear my coach laughing from here.

That is my plight. A sad and sorry tale of woe. My life will consist of three turns and mohawks along with an occasional new dance pattern here and there. I do love the Cha Cha (I don't have to go backwards) and spirals. Have I mentioned that I can't do backward power pulls on the left leg? Oh yeah, gotta work on that too. Ugh... wish me luck.